Jake Quickenden: A New Chapter Tour / SECRET SHOW STORIES 🎤

I've been loving Jake Quickenden's music recently and was so excited to see him in London on Saturday 8th October.

As I walked in, it appeared that the VIP meet and greet was still running so clearly it had gone over because I didn't arrive until about 7:15pm. It was really neat to see Jake interacting with his fans and he honestly seemed so down-to-earth. He hugged everyone, took pictures and signed things. Just because he was running late, it didn't stop him from taking his time with each and every person. I for one, truly appreciate it when people that I like and enjoy the work off, end up living up to my expectations. It's so heartwarming to see that in this day-and-age. 

 After that finished, Jake sang a couple of songs with his guitar. I was actually sat behind Bailey's (one of the support acts) family and as hilarious as they were, I'm not sure I'd be too happy if I were Bailey. Some of the stories were a little embarrassing!

Anyway, Jake came on and picked up an acoustic guitar but after spending a few minutes attempting to tune it, he switched to the electric guitar. His voice is gorgeous and I personally love when songs are slowed down and simple. It really showcases true talent when people can do that.
I wasn't expecting him to come out first. Of course I was thrilled but defintely surprised. I couldn't decide if he was there because of it was part of the meet and greet or if it was part of the set. Either way it was defintely a happy bonus!
The first support act came on and announced himself as Alex Green. He is definitely talented but honestly he didn't make too much of an impression. He has a very soft, rugged voice which I do like but just... as much as I do think he has some great songs, as I didn't know him and they were all his own songs, I couldn't singalong to them. Maybe if he'd done a couple of covers it would have been a little more inclusive and entertaining.

Next up was Bailey McConnell. There was quite a long wait between the two acts so I was kind of thankful to be standing behind his family. I usually go to concerts alone so the waits can become a little tiresome and boring. Luckily, this time around I was thoroughly entertained. All his secret stories were being shared with this group of young girls who were clearly very interested. From his 21-year old ex-girlfriend, dislike of photos, his smoking, history of his modelling contract and gap-smile-brace story. As much as I want to share them  I think they'll stay concert secrets! I felt terrible for even listening but obviously intrigued. It was actually a really interesting perspective and insight while waiting.
Honestly, I was quite blown away with one of the songs. I pick up on it in the video but I was in shock. Granted he's no longer the 14 year old boy from Britain's Got Talent, but he has some crazy talent. I loved it! I also loved seeing the emotion his family had watching him. His mother was secretly so proud and then his mother's youngest cousin - I gathered - was amazed. She had teary eyes and was gobsmacked by his new found stage presence. I felt strangely proud of him, feeding of their energy. "Go Bails!"

Then it was time for the main man himself! Jake was honestly so amazing and I was incredibly impressed. I've run out of words to describe how blown away I was. I love his songs. I love lsitening to him while working or singing along in the shower, but I didn't expect to be so utterly gobsmacked. He not only has the stage presence, but his voice is just beautiful. Of course, everything was helped by his hot dance moves! Along with the rest of the crowd, I loved the little flirty smirks and moves to the girls at the front and couldn't stop laughing and smiling by the responses he got; a lot of people were very pleased and blushing.
The only time of the whole evening that I wasn't happy, in fact I was pretty angry. Jake began telling the story behind one of his songs that was written from the perspective of his brother who died a few years ago. He started to tell the story and the two rudest drunken ladies barged into the crowd pushing their way to the front, obviously causing aggro. Well Jake had to call in security and then restarted his story, only to be interrupted yet again. Given the emotional story behind it, I was so furious that this grown woman thought it was fully acceptable to start creating a scene right then and there. In the end, as much as I would have loved to hear the story of what he wanted to say, he respectfully moved straight onto the song instead.

I just want to say sorry from the bottom of my heart that some people didn't give him the respect he so dearly deserved. Speaking from a place of pain is always the hardest and the fact he wanted to share it...we should feel so lucky and blessed to be in that position and instead the lady, disrespectfully stole that opportunity away.

Every time I hear the song 'Blindfold' I get goosebumps and when Jake sang it live, I even got teary eyes. For a second I was transported somewhere else. It was awe inspiring if I'm honest because the audience went silent and just listened to the words, it was surreal. It's a truly powerful song. You can defintely tell he still feels the pain of the loss but he is so brave for putting it all on the line. I thought it was beautifully sung.
Of course, everyone had been screaming for him to go topless since the very beginning but for the last couple of songs he obliged and seemingly, most were very pleased. Aha. Who wouldn't?! I actually loved that Bailey joined him for the last song before taking two 'crowd' videos and saying goodnight. One girl asked when Jake left if they could have his top, to which he laughed it off but I thought it was funny :')
 So after I'd got my traditional glass of water after the concert, I saw a group of people huddling around the entrance to backstage. When I spoke to a couple of them, they said that at all the last tour nights, he'd come out at the end to take pictures with everyone. Well, while I wasn't prepared to pay an extra £17 for a VIP ticket, I couldn't refuse the opportunity to meet him and thank him for such an incredible evening and how impressed I was. He was just as sweet as I'd seen him with the others and after a big hug, he snapped some selfies with loads of poses while I held the same stupid smile. Anyway it was so fun! I'm so glad I waited the extra ten minutes!

 What an amazing night! I can't wait to see Jake and his dance moves again! :)
Of course, I recorded it so enjoy! :) Click here for the video on my YouTube channel.

PS. In the video I mentioned that I thought Hobbie Stuart was the first support act but clearly TicketWeb had that information wrong. I was kind of disappointed but also prepared because he did say on twitter that he had no idea what I was talking about...oops! Safe to say I was a little embarrassed.