Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical (Review) 🍫

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The most outstanding performance is by far all the children. A lot of them a very young and considering that, especially Charlie, they were incredible. In fact everyone's acting was great and so believable. Everyone has clearly put a lot of work and effort into it.
One of my favourite parts were how they did the introduction of the other winners. It was very cleverly placed TV boxes although the Bucket family did miss a few of the signals to start biking. Although sometimes the individual songs did go on a little too long, I did like the storytelling and especially the TV presenter (ginger wig).
I was defintely intrigued to see how they were going to translate the Oompa Loompas and effects like that which the kids go through and I was pleasantly surprised. My favourite had to be when Violet became a blueberry because she blew up and purple confetti fell into the crowd.
But I was disappointed. My favourite song, the Oompa Loompa one, didn't come one and I actually thought that they missed a massive opportunity there. The songs they did include weren't very memorable and so I didn't think too highly of them.
Another big issue was the sound setting. Especially during some of the first few songs, the music was too loud and it was really hard to hear the actual lyrics during the singing which actually turned out to be pretty important because they tell a lot of the story. Also, some of them were very rushed; they were very rapid songs and so a lot of the words jumbled together and blurred.
I kind of feel bad writing this because I am sure it would have been so much more enjoyable as a production if it wasn't for my experience. I started the show sitting next to a morbidly obese man who completely squished me into the corner of my seat. I politely asked a member of staff who told me to go to reception and after waiting for 10 minutes and almost missing the start of the show, I went back. At the break they ended up moving me to centre in the same area which was really nice but then I was stuck behind a celebrity who kept having people come up to him in the break. His child sat on the arm rest where the person behind is suppose to look through. Ending result was I had to sit tall the entire second half which was really tiring.
This is such a different musical compared to Aladdin, which I reviewed last week here. Compared to the jolly and happy production a lot of this is set in a dark location and looking back it's pretty depressive. I still enjoyed it but it was defintely not one I would ever want to see again.