October 2016 - Secret Scent Box: Unboxing and Review ๐ŸŒน

I've been very lucky recently and I won on Instagram competition with Secret Scent Box. I, of course, received the Women's Box but I found it really nice that they also did a Men's Box.
So when I received it, I was really impressed by how quickly it was delivered. I got it just a couple of days after it was announced I'd won so straight away I was pleased. The Secret Scent Box is a UK fragrance box subscription that "lets you discover new designer and branded perfumes or colognes" for £15 a month.
I received the October box and I love how cute the packaging is. It comes in a really high quality black box which is very simple and perfect for travelling with jewellery, I've decided. The 3 perfumes are well packaged and will not break as they are safely tucked away into little slots.

I really liked how they colour coded the bottles and then gave brief descriptions of each scent with an idea of the type of occasion it's appropriate for plus the bases for the smells.

  • Stella McCartney - POP: soft, feminine smelling and currently my favourite!
  • Dolce & Gabbana - 3 L'Impรฉratrice:
  • Guerlain L`Instant Magic:
I actually really like the idea of getting a surprise 3 samples each month because I don't wear much perfume and often, by the time you've reached half way to the end of one big bottle youre kind of bored and over it. 

Either way, I will defintely keep this in mind for the future! If you sign up for your own box, you can get 10% off your first box when you sign up for their mailing list (SECRETSCENT!) and please let me know if you do! Tag me in all your pictures :)