Jamie Lawson Tour! / SECRET SHOW STORIES 🎤

On Wednesday 19th October, I went to see Jamie Lawson in his UK, self titled tour at the O2 Brixton Academy.

Click here to see his support act, Calum Scott.

Click here to see Jamie Lawson's set highlights.

I can honestly say, I 'wasn't expecting that'! Haha I joke but honestly I was really surprised.
I bought two tickets as it was my cousins 19th birthday present but it turned out she couldn't make it so I ended up taking my flatmate instead. I had tried to sell it but it didn't but I'm so glad! I usually go to concerts by myself, which is totally fine, but this one was a little different as all the audience tickets were seated so no one really talked to each other, other than who they came with.

When they first sent the email saying that they'd been changed to seated I kind of blew it off because I'd figured, no one would be seated for the whole concert anyway. Given all the others I'd been to, I was on my feet the entire time anyway but no...I was proven wrong as apart from a fair few standing ovations, everyone EVERYONE, stayed seating for the duration. It's such an odd concept to me but I guess most of the songs were incredibly slow.

Calum Scott was the support act and I am so glad he was. I think it's safe to say I've had a wide mixture of opinions on support acts but he was incredible. While Sophie and I were waiting for the show to start, we looked him up and while I didn't know the name, I did know his big hit and I love it. All the other songs were just as impressive and at the end of the set, I even felt compelled to stand up, with most others, and give a standing ovation.

Seriously, it was just him and a small band with a cello (I think), keyboard, guitar and back vocals and he just stood there and sung. I got goosebumps and honestly, I was more impressed with him than Jamie.

The only negative I have is that the cellist (again, I think) couldn't really be heard. Neither the instrument or her voice and the sound system was totally off. But other than that, totally sublime.

After a brief break, Jamie came out. Honestly, the stage set up was a little creepy with old furnishings decorating the stage. When the intro started I was a little concerned as to what I'd signed up for. It was just plain odd. The whole concept was just so weird and I was seriously doubting my enjoyment for the rest of the set but then that all disappeared and the songs started playing.

With a rather large backing band, Jamie definitely wasn't playing solo but still he shone. For most the songs he switched between the acoustic guitar and electric guitar, thanks to the guitar handler.

The lighting was really interesting. I'm always intrigued by how many different emotions and feelings they can create from such a small selection but I loved all the little details especially the 'twinkling stars' on the red background.

Jamie seemed very grateful to everyone and consistently thanked the audience for coming and supporting him. He also kept reminding everyone to sing along. Of course I already was but I don't really think it's that sort of movement to be honest and most people just sat taking in the lyrics and melodies.

That is one thing I love about his music. It's all very deep and meaningful and full of heartache. But instead of shouting the message at you, you can either listen in bliss or delve to get a deeper understanding.

If you're into order and peacefulness, I would definitely recommend seeing him on his few remaining tour dates. I've already seen him twice (as One Directions support and at a signing, meet and greet at FOPP) and still love him!