Covent Garden Paperchase Haul! 📝

Then, when I arrived in London, I went shopping in Covent Garden and fell in love with Paperchase! They're all for other people but luckily none of them read this blog so I can show you!
While there I signed up for their 'Treat Me' loyalty card. Since the shop, I've already had my first 2 treats in a 15% discount and £5 to spend so you already know I've used them both for my cards and wrapping paper! These are the items in the 'official pictures'.

My sister is soon going to be turning 30(!) and recently she's been travelling a lot so I thought this would be the perfect present. It's a photo album in a scrapbook style so she can arrange the pictures how she wants and add little momentums as she goes. I think it will be gorgeous to look back on.
I always run out of thank you cards when I need them so I thought these were perfect for all occasions. Especially with Christmas coming up so soon!
My little princess is soon going to be turning 4 - cry! :( - but she'll always be my little 'cheeky monkey' so when I saw this card, I had to get it. It doesn't say 'niece' or the age on it like I usually get but I thought it was perfect especially with the little monkey that will stick to things!
I had a few people in mind when I originally got these cards but they're small, cute and meaningful so I think they're perfect for my family members.
Similarly, the 30th card is so sweet for my sister, the old grannies is perfect for my rude grandmother and the 21 is simple and gorgeous for my best friend!
I think these shaker cards are gorgeous and perfect for twins! I have two really good friends who of course have to have similar cards but I don't want to give them the exact same so I got a few of these.
 Everyone knows 21 is a party year...
 And then finally, I got some gorgeous wrapping paper. The christmas paper was on special offer so I bought them cheap, along with some cards.

I can't wait to give these beautiful cards and gifts to my friends and family! I would thoroughly recommend Paperchase for being reasonably priced yet stunning and well made.


  1. Everything at Paperchase is priced excessively high, right? You should have mentioned some Paperchase Discount Codes if you are really suggesting people to shop from there.

    1. I actually think that while it's a pricier option than some places, the quality of their products is beautiful and I'm happy to spend a little extra for those special purchases.


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