New Purchase!

Over the last week I've made some purchases so I thought I would share seeing as though life has been pretty uneventful :')

For those who have known me for a long time, since year 7, I have been very self-conscious of my acne. I have suffered very badly over the years and have been a numerous different prescriptions. I have been looking into Magnitone or Clarisonic type products. So when one of my YouTubers posted a 70% discount for a very similar product I was thrilled and snapped up the opportunity. It's called 'Spin for Perfect Skin' and I ended up buying it for £40 in total including UK delivery. I will do I review once I get it! If you want 70% off use the code 'carlie7''re welcome ;)

I bought 2 DVDs to keep me going: Blended and Horrible Bosses 2 (which I have wanted for a long time.

I also got a cute little hanging watch so that I can clip it in exams.

I treated myself to some Body Shop accessories and they threw in some mango products for free which I'm excited about! Plus 30% off because I'm a member.

My toothbrush broke at the worst time possible so I also had to splurge on a new one! I went for the cheapest online but they're still expensive :/

Finally, I allowed myself to get some Trixin clothes. I have been wanting them since the very beginning but I wanted to wait and see how good they really were. For those who don't know it is a new company set up by some of the biggest family vloggers in the world, mainly Shaytards family and now they are bringing in more friends and family to help out, namely my favourites Samika. I will do I review when I get these too :)