Easter Weekend 2019!

I ended up having the whole weekend off for Easter this year and it was jam packed but so much fun!

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 
I ended up going home for Easter weekend this year and it ended up being gorgeous weather. After finishing my week of work on Thursday, I drove home and made it a little bit earlier than expected as I beat the traffic. Luckily, that gave me time to unload the car, put on a wash and get ready for a girls night out with my mum, sister, aunt and cousin. One of my youngest cousins just bought her first house which is crazy to me so we went to have a look around before enjoying a new-to-me Italian restaurant.
I've heard people talk about Mamma Mia's all the time but never been myself. Personally, I didn't love the food as it was a little salty but it did have the perfect topping to base ratio which not many places get right.
It was so nice to catch up with Ellie and lovely to see her new place!
I started off Good Friday by giving mum her card and present. She wanted to open them while I was there so waited a little longer. I think from the way she reacted, she appreciated them!
Anyway, it was another gorgeous day and perfect weather for a bbq which was good because we had a lot of people coming over for one. Mum and I headed to the shops to pick up some last minute supplies before getting ready for guests.
The bbq was great and it was nice to see some of the extended family but mostly, I was reminded once again why my grandma is the greatest person on the planet.

I literally had the busiest weekend because the next morning, I headed to Blacker Hall Farm for breakfast brunch with Hannah. As always, it was lovely to see each other and for once, we were able to talk about both of our relationships. It was so cute!
Another friend visited me at the farm later that day and we took the dogs for a walk while looking at all the new piglets. We tend to have a couple litters (?) born a week and everyone always loves seeing them, including myself, regardless of the fact they're on my doorstep. The miracle of life never ceases to amaze me.
She's the best. She's one of only a few friends who actually contact me first which is always appreciated. I think it's special when you have friends like that. I'm dying at this picture though...look how short I look!
To end the day, I headed to Pizza Express with Sarah and Hannah. We got all the gossip on Sarah's engagement and I'm still in shock that I now have 3 close friends who are engaged! Time is moving so fast. 

I told everyone I had a voucher for 3 courses at a specific price, which was true, so we all ended up getting desserts as well. Unfortunately, the voucher didn't work as it was Easter so it was a little disappointing.
Finally, Easter Sunday came and I loved dressing up in one of my skirts from Louise Pentland's Sprinkle of Glitter clothing collection with Simply Be. I felt very pretty as we strode into Capri's for lunch and to meet up with friends.

The sunset was so pretty so I may have got a little carried away with taking photos with the horses and in my grandma's fields.
Grandma didn't want to come out with us so I thought I would pay her a quick visit on my way home. Jess ended up going to a friends party with her boyfriend and Mum was still out drinking until the early hours, so I ended up driving myself home quite a bit earlier than everyone else.
The busiest weekend I think I've ever had but I got a lot of Mini Eggs...it's as though I like them.