Annual Sponsored Point-to-Point, Laughing Too Much and Housemates Day Trip!

Another year, another annual Sponsored Point-to-Point. Plus, so much fun and laughter and my housemates recorded their own day trip! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
For those that don't know what a Point-to-Point is, it's basically a horse race which traditionally used to be between two cathedrals hence between two points. It's been a long time family tradition of mine to go to them and while we use to go to at least one every weekend, it's now been reduced to just the one that we sponsor in memory of my grandfather. It's such a great day out and I always have so much fun. I even have posts from 2016, 2017 and 2018!
Despite the weather being gorgeous, unfortunately the races on account of health and safety reasons as the company, with whom the paramedics were booked through, who were suppose to come went bankrupt and as such we couldn't race until then.
Nevertheless, it was nice to talk to family and friends while eating a lovely cold 3-course meal. After eating, we went down to the racecourse to see the hunting dogs and boy were they gorgeous.
It did end up being a lovely day of racing and despite having a 2 hour delay, the organisers did manage to catch up and we only left an hour later. Unfortunately, my cousin had booked a train so my ride and the rest of the party left almost 2 hours before the end. Luckily, some really great family friends came to my rescue and offered me a lift home so that I could stay until the end.
The only negative of this year was that my mother wasn't there. I was very disappointed and angry when I found out that not only had she booked a third holiday of the year but she had also booked it over the event that she organised. Of course, there was no one more upset than her but sh*t happens.
Bridget moved out of Nottingham to be closer to placement which much to my dismay, means that I hardly see her anymore. Luckily, she;s a great friend so when she was in Nottingham for a couple of days, she came over to the house for a quick visit and I didn't stop laughing. She's one of my favourites.
Clare - the ever busy baker - made yet another treat for us all. This time a lovely vegan chocolate cake and even I have to admit, it was absolutely delicious!
The next weekend, I headed bright and early on Saturday morning to archery. It was a gorgeous day but unfortunately, the field had been booked over us and wasn't available again until 2pm. I ended up going to a friend's house and had a quick tour of the other University of Nottingham campus which defintely beat my expectations.
After chilling, chatting and chomping (I was trying alliteration) down lunch, we met up with some other friends to enjoy a peaceful session together before heading to the pub for tea. I actually had such a fun day out, and I'm so glad I ended up staying!