Avengers: Endgame (Review)

 Avengers: Endgame is the intense conclusion to the Avengers Saga. Click here to watch the trailer or see below.
The film picks up exactly where the previous one ends and it’s definitely a poetic scene with the last. It's sad to see Tony Stark so dishevelled and seeing him recording final messages to Pepper and giving up is heartbreaking. He's giving up on life, and for a moment, I really thought it would be the end of him. 
Avengers Endgame is - supposedly - the final film in the Avengers franchise and of course, I was looking forward to it. Sometimes I think my high expectations ruin films, as too often I find myself coming out of an eagerly anticipated film disappointed and while I originally enjoyed the film, upon discussion with friends, I’ve realised there were too many parts I didn’t enjoy and it’s somewhat ruined the film for me. Reminder: don’t dissect I decent film again. 
Of course, it was incredible to see all the cast come together for an epic battle of all proportions. I happened to see Game of Thrones Episode 3 on the same day and somewhat shockingly, I much preferred the final battle scene in this film, over the show. 

But that is where the compliments end.
I thought there was a weird choice of character arcs that I didn't particularly like, or agree with. It was a shame because I wanted to end up happy and they did, in their own ways, but not as the strong characters we know and love. Thor became an obese, alcoholic. Bruce became a permanent happy hulk. Why the director and screenwriters thought these were the correct choices for them is beyond me. I was happy with Tony's but then, that's not where I ever saw his going...so that was one happy surprise.
I don't want to ruin the film for those fans who have yet to see it but I'll never forgive them for killing off one of the characters...and it's not who you might think!

I would watch it again and perhaps I would enjoy it more and for any Avengers fan, of course you have to see it, but I would recommend lowering your expectations. Sorry!