International Day of the Midwife, Housemate Day Trip and Parkour!

It's officially IDM and the girls take the vlog on a trip.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.
This year the Midwifery Society helped the university organise a Self-Love day for all the Midwifery Students which was free of charge. Being a midwife on the NMA, I really feel like we should get involved and help organise it alongside them but nevertheless, we were never given that opportunity which was a little bit of the shame. Still it was so much fun!

Bea and I presented some of our research via initial posters.
We got some free skin products and hand creams and then got treated to Salsa dancing, a race against time midwifery style and free Lush hand massages.
My favourite part was the self-love messages that everyone wrote and then we each got to take one home. My personal favourite was: Never quit on a bad day.
Later that week, I went on a mini golf date and had the best time.
I also had my last blood test for my Roaccutane treatment...hopefully!
I love that spring is finally here. We finally learnt that at night daisies close and only open up in the light. Plus, there are so many rabbits around the campus!