International Day of the Nurse, Bake Sale Baking and Last Day of Placement!

A week later and it's the IDN, with a Bake Sale for Welfare Week and a surprisingly wonderful last day of placement.

Click here for the vlog or see below.
Once again, our posters were up on display, but this time in the medical school so there was slightly more foot audience, however there wasn't any chance to actually present so the posters spoke for themselves. Next door, were food stalls and then the NMA had a stall as well, as it was also Welfare Week. 
The week after was busy as I spent a lot of time in lectures and then baked for the bake sale on my day off. I love chocolate so was very disappointed to not be able to eat any of them myself!
To celebrate I headed to reception to get a free goodie bag that they provided for nurses and midwives. I actually think it's actually such a sweet idea and I was so sad I couldn't attend the evening event with free pizza!
My last shift of the placement block this time around was absolutely amazing. I had two beautiful cesarean births and left half way through my theatre day to see my caseholding lady for the last time. She bought me the most gorgeous flowers and I felt so blessed! 
At the weekend, I headed to an archery competition to see some friends shoot, then went on a country walk. Plus, mid-week, I also did some shooting myself.