Lake Walks, Bridesmaid Fitting and Point-to-Point!

The English weather has some crazy ups and downs, I went bridesmaid dress fitting and it was time for the annual sponsored Point-to-Point! 

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A couple of week's ago we had some absolutely gorgeous weather. We were wearing cami's, eating ice-cream and sunbathing in parks. A friend and I headed to the lake and it was a beautiful and peaceful walk. I didn't realise how close, nor how pretty it was, but I will defintely be back. 

I am absolutely loving all the clinical and placement aspects of Midwifery. Thank god for caseholding! I think I'm going to forever remember my first ultrasound scan. I love seeing the photos but it's defintely special being in the room.
Once again, it was a really sunny day but I'm so annoyed that I've brought absolutely NO shorts or skirts with me. I literally just have trousers, joggers and leggings. It's crazy hot in student accommodation when it get's hot so I'm basically walking around in long-ish tops.
Of course, with the English weather, that was the last of the sunny days! We then had 3 days of complete and utter downpour. They were productive in terms of me getting to the gym and doing work, but other than that, it was quite depressing.

In case you didn't know, I try to do a "Get Ready with Me" on my business Instagram, at least once a week and I loved this look from Saturday! I opened a new LipSense Colour in Violette which is the perfect pink-purple shade. Plus, I rocked Pink Berry BlushSense, not only on my cheeks but also on my eye lids. Do you think there was too much?
 We then spent the full afternoon at the dress makers to have a look at the bridesmaid dresses to make sure they were the correct dresses, details and sizes. I have to say I'm not best pleased. Mine is HUGE and I begged for the size smaller but she disagreed. Unfortunately, there are going to be a lot of alterations need so hopefully it goes okay and it will be ready for the day.
 On the way back, we called for a quick lunch and then dropped my cousin off home. I decided to do some prep work for tomorrow and curled my hair. I do love my natural hair, straightened hair and curled hair but between natural and curled, which is your favourite? Personally, I love the loose day 2/3 waves!
 The big day of the sponsored Point-to-Point ran very smoothly and I was so happy to come away winning...just! I decided to go for a bold lip in Fire 'N Ice, paired with one of my new tops from Dorothy Perkins. Although to be fair, no one ever saw my top given the fact is was super windy and chilled all day long. I kept waiting for the sun to peak through the clouds and heat up the air, but it didn't. Luckily, it didn't rain so that was good.
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I know there is a huge controversy around horse racing and animal rights but horse racing has always been a huge part of my life and it will continue to be so. I love horses; I think they are beautiful creatures and honestly, I think if you saw the trainers, jockeys and owners, you would see how loved they are. They are so well looked after and truly treated as best friends. Hearing some of the trainer's talk about them was really special. "He smiles when I walk in" is just so touching. 
 Thankfully, the last race was the one for me! I won £28 and it was the best way to end the day. I came away so happy and despite the cold weather, I loved running back and forth between the jumps, racecourse, finish line and bookies. Here's to next year.
When we got home, the sunset was beautiful and casting a gorgeous light on our magnolia trees. I'm so sad that I've hardly got to see them bloom this year. They truly are beautiful trees and forever my favourite. With the cold weather, their season has been short lived this year so I though I best get  a picture in quick!

 I love having so many photos from the years of presenting the prize to all of the winners. Being a sponsor is such an amazing feeling but having a race in memory of my grandfather is the most special. I feel honoured to have so many people want to keep the memory of him alive. Here's to many more years.

Ps. Before you go, I just wanted to quickly apologise for not posting on Friday. I have recently made a promise to myself, to not write for the sake of posting. I love to have this hobby of vlogging and blogging and I want to forever love it. I don't want to see it as normal work which is a drag...but...if you did miss the post, don't worry too much. This week there will be 4 posts!