Tomb Raider (Review)

Tomb Raider is the latest 20th century remake of a classic. I was super excited when I heard it was being released and I couldn't wait to see it. Luckily, my mum agreed and we both headed to the cinema to watch it together. 

Click here to watch the trailer or see below. 

I thought Alicia Vikander was the perfect Lara Croft and actually provided a refreshingly modern twist to an often repetitive plot. I loved her strength and ease, but I think the clever puzzles were extremely well thought out. It was intriguing to see the mind games needed and I really enjoyed seeing how they overcame all the traps. 
I do feel like unfortunately, the film dragged. While it was fast paced the entire way through, I missed the character and relationship development. For example, even mundane tasks like a bicycle race were turned into sequences that were seemingly life or death.
Unlike many reviews I have read, I don't think the plot was predictable at all. I really enjoyed the twists and changes throughout. I thought the background was covered in a detail that was needed, if not too little. I can't wait for the sequel!
One of my favourite things from the movie is that there were continuous flashbacks to Lara's childhood. Having not watch the first Tomb Raider, I went into this film very open minded and purely with the knowledge from the trailer. I really enjoyed how we, as an audience, were given tit bits of information gradually. I felt I really appreciated the efforts the director and screen writers went to, to allow us to experience the climactic portrayal as Lara experienced hers. I also thought the flashbacks really added another layer to the film and created a more dynamic story.
The graphics overall were impressive but I think that's become the expected with the latest films. I didn't think there was anything special in all honesty, until the plane scene. With the music, the intense acting and the perfect scene building - props to the design team - it was truly the epic and most memorable scene of the whole film.

Have you seen Tomb Raider yet? What did you think?