Forever My Girl (Review)

Forever My Girl is not my normal film review type but I just had to share this film because it is perfect in every way. Click here to watch the trailer or see below. 

When the films open with a wedding scene, you just know it isn't going to go to plan and for Josie, her heartbreak starts when she is left at the altar by her fiancé Liam. Eight years later, Liam is a successful country singer and Josie is a successful florist. When troubled Liam watches the TV, he discovers his best friend has died and returns to his home time for the first time in years. Both their lives get flipped upside down.
I'm a true romantic and a country song lover so when I saw the trailer and realised that this film was literally all about those two themes, I had to watch it. Honestly, it's utter perfection. I cried so many sad tears, yet so many happy tears. It combined so many emotions but the whole film was just beautiful. 
I love Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe as actor's so seeing the chemistry together was wonderfully beautiful. I don't think many people can be so many different types of characters but seeing the softer side of both of them was amazing. I felt a real connection both to them and between them. 
The film also has a lot of humour entwined. There are deadly serious moments and some very serious adult conversations that I can relate to on multiple levels, but there is also a childlike innocence about some of the scenes. I love seeing how the main character changes his mannerisms and adapts to a different role. Plus the child actress was sublime. 
Of course, I loved all the romance and I think if you like love stories, relationships and cute couples, this is defintely one for you. I can't wait to watch it again and again and again. When I'm in a good or a bad mood, I think this is such an easy going film, it's perfect for any time.
Have you seen Forever My Girl? What did you think?