I'm Back and an Update!

For the first time in the history of having a blog, I took a break. And quite honestly, I needed it. I've always wanted to stick to my schedule and luckily, I've always managed to. I've even had times when I've gone above what I'd planned and that's always made me so happy. Doing my first midwifery placement (more on that later), has been incredibly time consuming and tiring. I've always told myself and you, my readers, I wouldn't write a post for the sake of posting. I never wanted to force myself to write because I want to always love sharing what I choose to on this platform. I noticed I was posting late and forcing myself to write which is so not like me...so I decided to take a break. 

Well, the one week break turned into two weeks because while my fingers were begging to type away, I felt that I wanted to really focus on my last week on placement and so I did. So despite being away for two weeks, I'm sure you've had a lovely break and hope you've all enjoyed the Easter break! 

I'm just starting my one week Easter break, or annual leave as it's now going to be known. I'm planning on spending lots of time with friends and family and of course, writing lots and lots of posts. I especially want to try and write some posts up in advance in the hopes of being prepared for the future! 

With two weeks away I thought I would quickly fill you in on what I've been up to on placement.  
My off duty rota was a little unusual so it meant I happened to have a long weekend. I worked a long day on Thursday which is a 12 hour shift and then my Monday shift was a night, so I asked my sister if she was free for a visit. After a little moving about, she said she could and so I took the opportunity to visit her. 

I absolutely loved spending time with my niece and nephew. Bop is just as sassy as ever and Mr Man is so cute. For the first time, I felt a real connection to him and loved all the smiles he gave me. Baby snuggles are always the best, although the smiles are almost as good. My favourite part was when I pretended to sleep in the car and Bop said I looked like 'Auntie Jessie' who apparently always sleeps in the car. I couldn't help but laugh!

One of the best surprises was that my sister wanted to try on LipSense! I thought she was so cute and it made me really happy.  
For my first ever proper night shift, I had an absolute blast. Usually you are based in the hub as a community midwife but I loved that we got called to the ward. Honestly, my first ever experience was amazing. I had so much fun helping the new mums change nappies and breast feeding. It was a really rewarding experience. 

A day to recover and it was back to normal working hours but then it was Easter. The Easter bank holiday schedule meant I had a long weekend. I had Friday off and then was working on Easter Sunday. Despite all my flatmates heading home, I really enjoyed my weekend in the flat alone. I got to catch up on so much TV which I haven't watched for almost 4 weeks. I've really struggled to find the time to do things for myself while working so I was grateful for the me time. Of course, I also had a blast doing lots of home visits on placement on the Sunday.  

Then was my last few clinics and it was all over. I thoroughly enjoyed the placement so I can't wait for the next but for now I'm ready to enjoy my well-deserved week off! One of the hardest thing has been only wearing muted lip colours while on placement. The weekends have been full of bold lips that's for sure!
Ps. I didn't record very much over this placement block so to see the clips from this time, stay tuned for next week!