Ready Player One (Review)

With miserable weather during my spring break, mum suggested going to see something at the cinema. While there wasn't anything I felt I HAD to see, Ready Player One was defintely on my list. Click here to watch the trailer or see below. 

As I wasn't obsessed with seeing this film, while I thought it looked good, I didn't have ridiculously high expectations. I think I can safely say, we all came out having absolutely loved the whole film, the story and the characters. It really blew the trailer out of the water. I thought that they really carefully selected a range of scenes for the trailer which also left a lot of surprise scenes for the movie. 
The story centres around a teenage boy who has met a number of friends inside a world created for gamers but has become a type of reality. When he's the first to win part 1 of the competition, he becomes hunted by a wealthy man who wants the prize for himself. Despite the warnings, he falls in love with a character inside the game and reveals his true name, putting everyone and everything he knows at risk.
I think the whole plot is so clever. I think it's so unique and unlike anything I've ever watched or read before that it made it all the more enjoyable. Considering I'm not really into games and I'm definitely not a gamer, this still related to me. I think it's a feel that everyone could come out of having enjoyed. Plus, the idea is actual a reality that could come into fruition in the not-so-distant future.
While I really did love the inventive storyline, there were a few minor details that were cut off. For example when his house gets blown up...and then it's never mentioned again. Now, I don't want to release any spoilers but at the same time, let's just say, the event should have really hurt more than it did and it really should have had a much bigger discussion post.
Not to bad mouth my mother, but she suggested the main lead should have been more attractive. Well, I disagree. I'm not saying he's not attractive, just not the traditional lead of films. But I found this made the film more enjoyable as it was not only refreshing but also made it so much more relatable. I really do think society needs to loose the now normal focus on looks and instead focus on talent...but that's a whole different story.

The film honestly had everything. It had clever puzzles, romance, action, the goodies and the baddies, and adrenaline pumping, heart racing fights. What more could you want?
Have you seen Ready Player One yet? What did you think?