Baking, Hair Trials and Shopping! - Spring Break (Part 1)

The last two weeks of placement were crazy busy so I didn't record much but I did want to share some happy memories before I left for Spring Break! I started the week at the cinema, having hair trials and shopping! 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 
If you saw last week's post you'll have seen a brief run through of the past couple of weeks and how I visited my sister and her family. I also had my first night shift but because the clips were so short I thought I would just add them to this week's vlog instead. 

One of my flatmates just turned 19 so we celebrated her birthday a little late. Sam blew up balloons and turned them into a cute banner while I made a dreamy chocolate caterpillar cake. It was all so much fun and amazingly, it all went perfectly smoothly. 
 We tried to convince Vicki we were out but my big plans for a surprise didn't quite turn out so she came before everyone else had arrived in the end. Nevertheless, it was still a fun night followed by board games.
 Then it was the start of spring break! Technically it's the Easter holidays but I think with it starting a week after Easter is over, makes it more of a spring break than anything else. I love being back and wearing my normal clothes with any kind of lip...bold please! I had a couple of days to relax and then it was go go go.

On Monday, my mum, little sister and I headed to the cinema to see Ready Player One. I'll be posting the full movie review later this week but let me just say, it was everything I'd hoped for and more.
When we got back, a friend who's a hairdresser came over and did out hair trials for mum's wedding. My cousin and sister were super easy and straight forward. I, on the other hand, had 5+ styles done and haven't fallen in love with any of them unfortunately. I really wanted a cute messy bun but unfortunately with my thick hair, it didn't quite work out the way I'd imagined with Pinterest inspiration.

On Tuesday, we headed to Leeds. I don't think any of us expected to be there very long but we ended up staying out for over 8 hours. It was all very busy. Starting the day at John Lewis and ending at Dorothy Perkins was just the start of the adventure. I'm going to be posting a clothes haul soon so stay tuned for the next couple of weeks but I bought A LOT!

About half way through we had a late lunch/early tea at Giraffe and while I don't necessarily go for a traditional main, the food is amazing. I love the fish fingers option on the children's menu... Hopefully I'll never get told I'm too old.
That's when all the drama started. I went to meet my mum and sister at Starbuck's for a final refreshment and discovered by card had been lost in the short 5 minute walk between the two shops. I ran back to Dorothy Perkins in the hopes that it was still there but disappointingly, not. I had a good look in all my bags when I got home but I ended up having to cancel my card.

In the meantime, I went upstairs to tell me mum and only JUST made it back in time to prevent a flooding disaster in the bathroom. As you can imagine, it was all a little bit stressful so I had a lovely relaxing bubble bath (after letting some water out of course).
Stay tuned for next week's vlog for the second part of my holiday.

Ps. I'm changing my upload schedule to 8pm! From now on I'll be uploading the weekly vlog at 8pm GMT on Monday evening and the blog posts will go live Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 8pm GMT.