Sponsorship Is BAD?!

I think anyone that knows me, and maybe from this blog too, you have realised that I am quite an opinionated person. I'm always open to discussions and I actually love when people debate and discuss their opinions. I do, however, like to do a bit of research around a topic and then I'm pretty much set in my opinion forever.

Recently I watched a YouTube video from Britney Sills of BritneyandBaby from YouTube and I felt so strongly that I've just had to write a blog post about it. Please watch the video first for a bit of background and about what sponsorship is, if you don't already know.

To start, I love her attitude to this! I think it's really nice that she is openly talking about sponsorship with her viewers. I know that often, companies have clauses in their contracts not allowing people to talk about the money or details but I think it's important to say as much as possible.

So my opinions on sponsorship?

Honestly it is that I'm perfectly fine with YouTubers and bloggers doing sponsored videos/posts but...

First of all they have to actually say that it's sponsored. For example the SacconeJolys always say it really clearly both in the video, in the description and sometimes even in the title. I think you have to say it in the description box as well as in the video. Just be open and honest with your viewers.

Secondly, don't do sponsored videos every time. I recently unsubscribed from Colette Butler (Katilette) because every video she did for almost a year was sponsored. Firstly she barely did any, she changed video formats entirely and when she did upload the odd video it was sponsored. I think if more than maximum of 20% of videos a month are sponsored, than that's too much. I didn't come here to be sold things over and over and over...and over(!) again!

It's a fine line between doing too many I'm sure but I think most people can look at their channel and think okay 4 out of the last 6 are sponsors, I probably shouldn't.

Also, I think if you do so many sponsorships not only do your viewers get bored with them, they won't have the money to do them all (or at least a lot of them won't) and eventually they're not going to trust your judgement. If you say everything is great, how do they know if to trust you are not?I watch YouTubers because I not only like their videos but I like them. I'm honestly really happy that companies want to work with them because I genuinely like to see people I 'know' and like succeed in life. I think it's great if people can do something they're passionate about and make money from it, i.e. YouTuber and sponsorship.

Believe it or not, I have been contacted by multiple companies for reviews of their products, sponsorships and something a little closer to my heart, charities.

I have currently to date received 5 advanced readers copies (ARCs) from authors for me to review their book. I did and do not get paid for this but it is a way for me to get books that I would like to read anyway for free, while also promoting their book. Of course, my blog is very small so I usually also post the reviews to Amazon to help them out.

If you follow me on Google, you may have seen my Ashley Mansour review of Blood, Ink and Fire got a lot more views thanks to Ashley posting it on her twitter and replying to one of my questions. If not, you should follow me here! ;)

One of my favourite ARC reviews is of Shifter: City of Wolves by Avery Burch. I loved this book so much and seriously can't wait to read the sequels!

I love volunteering and I am currently on the committee of Spectrum, a medical student run charity for children with disabilities. I love it and I love being able to help others. I had 1 charity ask me to write a blog post promoting their charity and I would love to do this is the future! Unfortunately, this charity although I am sure does good, it didn't sit well with me and when I asked for more information to try and decide, they seemed dismissive.

What's your view on sponsorship? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below! :)