5 Turn Offs! (Get To Know Me Series)

After Monday's Turn Ons, what I look for in a guy, today I'm talking about what makes me hang up and walk out the door!

  1. Smokes - If you know me, you know I hate smoking. I have nothing against the person themselves, my entire family on my mother's side smokes, including my mother herself. I just hate the smell straight up and honestly I hate what it does the body. Also, if your less than 30 years old there is absolutely no reason you should be smoking; you know the risks, the dangers and what to do. There is no excuse to start.
  2. "Girlfriend" - Whether it be a girlfriend, fiancée, wife, that girl you're seeing or the casual sex. My mind is instantly turned off. I can't help it but it's just not for me. I'm serious about relationships so if it's going to happen, it's an all or nothing kind of thing. All the men that say 'I'll leave her', fine leave her. If you don't like/love/want to be with her, break up, but not for me. For you.
  3. Liars - Urgh, anyone who constantly lies. Like why do it?! A white lie? Sure okay. Trying to protect me? I can handle it, but thank you. Surprises? Love it! But outright lying about where you are or what you want or just to other people? No thank you. I'm a pretty normal person and I think I'm pretty reasonable. If you do something, the likelihood of me flipping out because you told the truth is much lower than that if you lie. Yes I maybe frustrated but not disappointed. 
  4. Drama - Oh my gosh, like seriously? I just want a nice, simple and happy relationship. Is that too much to ask? Take a chill pill, be an adult and we can live quite a happy life with good communication skills!
  5. Drinking - You might not know, but I don't drink alcohol at all. I've never been a big drinker because I've never liked the taste but I'm fine with people and alcohol. What I don't want it bad drunks - angry drunks are the worse! - or almost worse, people that can't hold their drink. Self-control is a must and once you've reached that limit, stop. People that throw up repeatedly. No. 
And that's my 5 Turn Offs! To be honest I can't think of anymore things that would literally make me give up on someone completely...