My 5 Turn Ons! + Celeb Crushes (Get To Know Me Series)

I'm super fussy with guys and I am very particular with who I find handsome immediately. So here are probably the only celebrities I think are outright hot! In order: Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Chad Michael Murray and Jenson Button. 

But honestly, hands down, I very rarely find myself attracted to someone purely based on looks, if ever. Yes I may find them hot but I have to get to know them first.

Here are my top 5 turn ons before the relationship's even left the starting blocks. 

  1. Communication - I like to be able to talk to them and have a conversation. They have to be able to hold a conversation and be intellectually stimulating. If we can't talk about things together well what's the basis of the relationship. A two sided conversation where each plays an active, interested role. 
  2. Chivalry - I am defintely old school when it comes to manners. I like a respectable guy who doesn't swear every other sentence, who opens doors, who says please and thank you. An old fashioned tradition gentleman. 
  3. Passion - Not passion for me, but passion for himself: his hobbies, his goals, his ambition, his career. I love hearing people who talk about things that they love.
  4. Smile - I think that is one of the things that has to be right. No "smakes" (fake smiles). Those that reach the eyes, a smile that melts the heart and warms the soul, it demands you to return it. That smile. 
  5. Emotion - Possibly the most important thing in a relationship and the best way to start it is to be honest and open. A guy that speaks from the heart and shares everything creates a much deeper connection. Openly confronting your true feelings takes a lot of courage and it's that courage which shows trust. Once you can trust someone with every fibre of your being, then you're ready. 
Are these just the ideals or can they be a reality? We'll see! :)