Laser Team - YouTube Red Original Movie (Review)

Lazer Team is the first film produced by YouTube Red, a new paid subscription service offered by YouTube to internet users. I found this movie while searching for new movie trailers releasing soon.

Click to watch the trailer below.
Long ago, the army was sent a message from an alien species that told them a war was coming to Earth and they must train up a soilder to be ready for the fight. Being the supposed kind aliens they offer help in the form of a suit set to be delivered just in time. The army go ahead an select a baby to be raised in the army for this sole purpose. Adam, played by Ritchson, is the perfect example of a soldier with smouldering looks and sacrificial determination; he also starred as Gloss in 2013's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire so he'd already played a similar character.

The film begins with a cocky teenage jerk who’s angry at the world winning an American football game only to be arrested after causing trouble at a party by a police officer,  and father to the teen's crush, Mindy. On returning to the police station, Anthony discovers fireworks going off illegally and diverts to investigate. It turns out it's his two high school frenemies who blame him and still haven't forgiven him for losing a match.
While trying to stop them, the two small-town goofballs intercept an interstellar super power suit (that was meant for someone much more qualified) and then try on the 4 limb pieces and head. Unwittingly they activate the suit and then have little choice but to step into the role of Earth’s one true savior when an alien race invades our helpless little planet.
The self-proclaimed “Lazer Team” are so under-prepared to deal with an alien apocalypse, no one has faith. Yet with the battle only a few days away, Adam’s lifetime of training is rendered irrelevant and the army forms him to train them. Despite best attempts they decide they must amputate the  four males to remove the suit. Surprisingly the men outsmart the army base and escape, only to be chased down by the enemy alien race.
As they battle together, the 4 become increasingly closer and end up putting all quarms aside to fight and save planet Earth.

The unexpected team makes the film so much better. With geeky fun, it's so amusing because the clueless men are walking around with destructive alien technology, bickering all the time.

Somewhat anti-climatically at the end, the battle commences with a few surprises, for both the viewers and characters. I did however think the effects created by this budget movie was really good and realistic, almost as if the alien technology is so advanced that they can create a whole planet of holograms. It was all raised by a community of fans and I think it's amazing that the film got that much money together!
A fun-filled, sci-fi comedy perfect for the whole family!