Kung Fu Panda 3 (Review)

Click here to watch the trailer for the third movie in the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

Watching two movies on opening weekend is extremely rare for me but this one was more for my child who I look after through a volunteering scheme.

Having earned the title of Dragon Warrior, Po is loving being the centre of attention in the village and is letting the power go to his head. When he is suddenly pushed into a mentor role by Master Shifu, who wishes to quit his teaching post and sit in a cave for thirty years in order to master the mystical powers of chi, Po, makes mistake after mistake and it seems these new responsibilities are too much. In a humorous slapstick sequence we see all the other warriors get hurt and fall.
After his long-lost father enters, Li and Po get on like a house on fire. Li’s carefree attitude towards everything is the perfect distraction for Po, and the two share a variety of heart-warming moments as Po shirks his newfound responsibilities in favour of showing his newfound father around. Of course, things can’t stay this cushty for long.

Kai, an ancient villain with a huge chip on his shoulder and a mastery of the chi arts that none of the goodies can match. Kai is just the right blend of scary and silly, with his frightful ability to entrap individuals in green crystals counterbalanced by his annoyance at the fact that nobody remembers who he is.
After reading the scriptures, Li convinces Po he can teach him everything he needs to know to defeat Kai, but the family reunion seems to be just an excuse to have fun and relax. Before they know it, time is up and it's now or never.
This story has gentle humour for adults while being thoroughly entertaining for the kids. A cuddly panda's love for his father is just the way to take this movie and of course the message is clear. Po learns the value of self praise and he becomes the master he never expected to be.

All the while his two fathers, who have been bickering the entire  movie, finally see eye to eye and support Po in the best way they can. They both wanted what was best for him but before, it always seemed to be the opposite of the other.
Three key messages:

  1. Have faith in yourself.
  2. Never give up. 
  3. When all else fails, turn to your family, for they will always have your back.