5 Concerts I Want to See!

I had a late start to life in regards to watching live concerts but since then, I have been lucky enough to be able to go to a number of concerts and I have loved them all. Click here to see Monday's post on who I have already seen and Wednesday's post of whom I will be seeing soon!

But there are still so many that I want to see! Here are the top 5 people on my bucket list:

  1. Hilary Duff: Hilary had been my number one idol since before I can remember. I have been obsessed with her since the days of Hilary Duff and was so excited when she started her music career following the success of the movie. Although she is now focussing on being an actress and mother, she has recently released another album called 'Breathe In. Breather Out.' which I fell completely in love. So while I think it's unlikely she'll be doing concerts in the UK, I'm still hopeful! Fingers crossed.

  2. Taylor Swift: So many hits, so many albums, so many tunes... I don't think Taylor Swift can do anything wrong in terms of music and I love pretty much everything she has ever released. I can't wait to one day see her!
  3. Miley Cyrus: Shooting to attention in the Disney Channel TV show, Hannah Montana, I loved her voice but not the songs. When Miley herself released music I loved it. Since then both herself and her music have changed. I still love the music but not quite a fan of the wilder concert ideas she is currently pursuing. I do however think it would be very entertaining to watch so either way I still want to see her, old school or this wilder version.
  4. Ed Sheeran: Ed is constantly producing singer-songwriter hits and they're so beautifully written. I think it's his lyrics that speak most to me. Given the fact all the celebs that know him, obsess over the kind of person he is, I would love to see him live. He's just such a pure talent.
  5. James Blunt: An oldie but a goodie. I've grown up listening to the sweet melodies produced by this man and would just die to see him. 
Of course there are so many other's I would love to see too but these are my absolute favourites. Who would you love to see?