My Must See Movies - March 2016

There are so many films I want to see right now! I don't know why they don't save the majority of films to be released in the summer, when I actually have time to go to the cinema and see them. Life is just so unfair... ;)

I thought I would compile a list of the films I am most excited to see right now! The release dates are for that of UK screenings.

  1. Daddy's Home - December 9
  2. Deadpool - February 10
  3. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - February 11
  4. How To Be Single - February 19
  5. God's of Egypt - February 26
  6. Grimsby - February 26
  7. London Has Fallen - March 3
  8. The Choice - March 4
  9. Allegiant - March 11
  10. Zootopia - March 25
  11. The Huntsman: Winter's War - April 22
  12. Captain America: Civil War - April 29

And there are so many more movies coming out in time for my summer break. From Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising to Now You See Me 2, The Secret Life Of Pets and the highly anticipate Finding Dory!

Haha I can't wait so be sure to stay tuned for some fun reviews!