Gold at Versailles! / Paris 2016 Day 3

Originally, I was planning on just writing one long post but with all the pictures and briefly explaining what I did each day, it ended up being incredibly long so I've ended up just writing a post for each day.

The main post will be going live on Wednesday at the usual time of 5pm but every morning at 9am there will be a bonus 'diary-like' entry with pictures and album links.

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I decided to give myself a little lie in because I was so exhausted from the previous two days but nonetheless, I woke up and set off to the Paris Pass office to collect my pass which gave me access to over 60+ attractions. I would fully recommend it if you plan to visit a lot of attractions in a short period of time and pack as much as possible in. 

Once collected I decided to head to the Palace of Versailles. Just as the train set off I realised my phone had been taken. I knew I used it at Bonne Nouvelle to get directions at 1pm and I realised at Gare Montparnasse at 1.50pm. I was hoping I'd left it at the office but I knew that would be a long shot because I'm so careful to check everything before I set off. I remember walking through the station any my bag was open which was so unlike me but I didn't think anything of it and I just closed it so I think that's when it must have been stolen. So basically, long story short, after trying everything both in Paris and since returning home, my phone has been stolen and I have now got a new one. Everything had been saved to iCloud except for things since I last had wifi, back in England, so all my photos I had taken were lost, so basically half of those from Day 1 and nearly all from Disneyland. That's what I'm most upset about. 

Moving on. I tried to enjoy myself as much as possible and while Versailles is gorgeous, it's a little boring to me, but you defintely get a sense of royalty with all the gold. My favourite thing was the gardens. The house was one thing but the gardens are just unbelievably beautiful, well-kept and organised. It's incredible!
On my return to Paris I headed to the Paris Aquarium which was a welcome relief from the heat and they had a touch pool which had some very friendly fish in. Plus the shark tank was crazy. It was viewable from 4 different areas with lovely sofas to watch. A feature I've never had at an aquarium is all the viewing areas; it's very interactive with lots of little areas to sit, relax and watch. To top it off, the gift show had a rainforest tank which had lightning and rain intermittently. Love!

After having tea in front of the Eiffel Tower again, I headed home to charge my camera and had a cocktail, before heading off to Montparnasse Tower. 
Honestly, I was blown away. It was quick and no-queue entry, upstairs is gorgeous and it's so much quieter compared to the Eiffel Tower with a much better view. There isn't any pushing, it's so well designed with clean(!) glass walls with gaps in to position cameras. It's a beautiful 360 degree view of Paris where you can eat and drink champagne. I think I went at the perfect time with the sunsetting and I stayed until the Eiffel Tower lights turned on to watch it sparkle from a distance. 
 The sunset process gave some incrdible views.
 The view was amazing.
Okay slightly creepy I know but this couple was the sweetest couple on their honeymoon and after they asked me to take their picture I couldn't help but snap my own because it was always a vision of mine to do this on my honeymoon.
56 floors in 28 seconds!
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