Up the Eiffel Tower! / Paris 2016 Day 1

Originally, I was planning on just writing one long post but with all the pictures and briefly explaining what I did each day, it ended up being incredibly long so I've ended up just writing a post for each day.

The main post will be going live on Wednesday at the usual time of 5pm but every morning at 9am there will be a bonus 'diary-like' entry with pictures and album links.

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I don't know how many of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram (I'm @hansla100 on most things) but the trip started off a little stressful. Before even getting on the Eurostar, the ATM ate my card, I had no signal to ring the number, security was no help, information desk said to ask currency exchange office who said to click cancel but that did nothing...as expected. She finally came to look and then said she could do nothing. After a few minutes of me close to tears, she came back with a key, opened it and could see my card but she wouldn't give me it. I had to literally beg her to let me have it if I could prove it was mine via pin code and passport. Of course, I knew it would work and she finally gave it to me. Worst start ever.

Once I arrived at the hotel, I was so happy with the room and the staff and the whole area so after watching the French Open final, I headed up to the Eiffel Tower to have tea (a massive 'jambon' panini) while sitting next to the fountains, staring on. It was so gorgeous. 

 Expectation of romantic Parisian architecture was well and truly met.

Afterwards, I had booked a tour so walked around the gardens and area before meeting them. A brief history lesson and collection of tickets meant just a short while later, we were up at the top of Eiffel Tower. It was crazy but so beautiful and I loved watching it light up and sparkle in the evening. 
I wasn't excepting it to be so intricately designed.  
 One side had beautiful gardens, the other a meshwork of metal

Day vs Night 
And watch the lights as they sparkle...
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