Big Bus Tour! / Paris 2016 Day 4

Originally, I was planning on just writing one long post but with all the pictures and briefly explaining what I did each day, it ended up being incredibly long so I've ended up just writing a post for each day.

The main post will be going live on Wednesday at the usual time of 5pm but every morning at 9am there will be a bonus 'diary-like' entry with pictures and album links.

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My final day was so packed. I started at the Louvre Museum and started at the Mona Lisa before looking around the rest of the area. If you are a massive art fan, you literally need the whole day there, if not more. The place is so massive and jam-packed with pieces, I got lost for over an hour before I managed to find my way out. Because I was on a tight schedule I only managed to look around at a few pieces. 
 The Mona Lisa and one of the new entrance pyramids.

Onto the Arc de Triomphe which is defintely not worth all the steps to get to the top. I was SO tired by the end of it (which is obvious from the video ha!) and while mid-way up there was a little museum part and gift shop, it didn't have a lot going for it as the view was very much interrupted by ugly metal shards. 

 Loved the French flag waving in the middle.

Then I got on the Hop On/Off Big Bus Tour. It was so much fun and while the commentator tried to make a lot of jokes, I don't think they translated too well. It did give me the opportunity to see a lot of the major landmarks without having to get off and spend time getting to them.

I'm sure to most this looks like a door but this is actually a hospital and I thought it was kidn of incredible.
Next up was Notre Dame. I've never felt a connection to a place but for some reason, I couldn't help but think of my granny as I walked around; she was a religious woman and while I never have been, I had to light a candle. I had planned on climbing the towers but I still hadn't eaten yet that day because my usual breakfast cafe had been closed and after just a few steps I was already exhausted and so I turned around.
I loved all the stained glass windows.

From there I walked up to Pont de l'ArchevĂȘchĂ© (Love lock bridge) which has now had most the locks removed as they were becoming too heavy and falling into the river. They've now but up some incredibly ugly statues but I'm not a fan. A lot of the panels have been moved to a little square which I think is a nice alternative but a lot of people are starting to put them up on other areas. I had wondered why the Eiffel Tower security asked if I had a padlock...

My last stop was the Orsay Museum which was a truly beautiful location. I can't get over the fact it used to be a train station because it is now so beautiful. I loved the two clocks and seeing  

Before heading back to the hotel and onto the Eurostar, I had my last meal with the Eiffel Tower, all the while watching a wedding photography session, before walking through parks with sand and reading a book. Unfortunately, the train was running about an hour late but I arrived safely home in the early hours of Thursday morning, all be it, minus my phone. 

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