What I've Learnt in Y1! (Medic Series)

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I think that every year of life is a learning curve and every year, I will continue to learn more but since starting university I have been on this very steep learning curve so I thought I would just share a few of the things I have learnt, mostly related to university life in general, not just studying medicine...mostly.

  1. How to be alone.
  2. How to introduce myself. 
  3. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone and to talk to new people. 
  4. Take the time out to spend having fun. You are only young once.
  5. Go and visit family; they miss you more than you miss them. Your life has changed to this new exciting adventure but theirs is the same but with you missing. 
  6. Use all the resources available to you. You may think you know the right way to revise to suit you but honestly using a range of resources is the best thing possible. Repeat the same topic over and over again with different methods of learning. Especially when the university provide them to you for free.
  7. Don’t skip learning the teeny tiny bits of information that are too specific to come up. They do. They will.
  8. The duodenum and jejunum are two different parts of the small intestine and not just a different pronunciation of the same thing.
  9. Spell onomatopoeia in the tune of Old McDonald.
I had to add 8 and the last because now that I know them, I can't believe I ever didn't. Ha!
Hope any freshers out there find some of these useful and take a little break every now and then to enjoy being young.