Disneyland Paris! / Paris 2016 Day 2

Originally, I was planning on just writing one long post but with all the pictures and briefly explaining what I did each day, it ended up being incredibly long so I've ended up just writing a post for each day.

The main post will be going live on Wednesday at the usual time of 5pm but every morning at 9am there will be a bonus 'diary-like' entry with pictures and album links.

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My absolute favourite and most memorable day! It was also my happiest because I went to Disneyland Paris! I've never been to Disneyland before and I was completely in love and completely overwhelmed. 

It was forecast to rain and thunder all day so, as I kept hearing, it was the 'quietest it has ever been'. But it was actually so nice because it meant the maximum queue was literally 20 minutes long. I didn't do any of the big rollercoasters because I don't like those rides but I did everything else which was amazing as I only had a day. There were a few places closed for reservations; I was really looking forward to Star Wars.

My favourite was without a doubt, the Frozen show. I think I was the only one there without a child and you better bet, I sang all the words to all the songs with a passion! 

I stayed until the very end of the firework show and it was actually pretty amazing. I thought it was literally just fireworks over the castle which would be gorgeous but it was a whole storytelling 20 minute light show which was fascinating. 

Unfortunately, my phone got stolen (more later) so I lost almost all the photos I took as I had them on my phone :( #sosad.

For the full album click here and for the video click here or watch below :)