My Holiday in Paris!

Last week, for the first time ever I travelled abroad alone and I was scared but super excited to go. I was planning on it being just a little mini trip but now I'm pretty sure it's going to be my holiday for the year because it ended up being just a little more expensive than planned.

I usually go on a family holiday, one each summer growing up and since my parents have been divorced, two, one with my mum and one with dad. When I turned 18 my dad said that would be the last holiday and my mum still would love me to go with her but I would have to pay which is fair enough. Having said that, my mum and her partner go to Portugal each year to the same area and same street in just a different villa. 

Three things. 
  1. I hate travelling to the same place. My dream would be to end my life having seen as much of the world as possible and I've made it a goal to go to as many different places as possible. So if I'm going to spend money, as much as I like Portugal and its familiarity, I don't want to be used to something. I want to travel and have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and experience what the world has to offer. Click here to read my top dream destinations! 
  2. I always feel left out and because my main thing to do on holiday is swim, I go to the resort pool by myself most of the time, so except for in the evenings I rarely see them anyway. Last year, I managed to convince my mum to come to Egypt with me, just us and while we had our differences, I loved - almost - every second of it. Click here for the playlist to watch all 7 of the daily vlogs from that holiday.
  3. This year my mum and her partner and my sister with her boyfriend are going. So I would be the only one going without a partner so if I didn't already feel left out, I defintely would now. Being the only one without a plus one would just be like third wheeling on a double date, awkward and completely unappealing. 
So as to why I went to Paris. I've never been to France (let alone Paris!) and I've always wanted to so it was just something new to experience and check off the bucket list. I had a number of problems, but overall I loved it! It's something that I will defintely never forget; I packed as I much as possible into the 4 days and as tired as it made me, I'm so glad I forced myself to get out there and enjoy myself. 

If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel yet please do, because I've been posting the 4 daily vlogs over on there for the last 4 days. Click here for my YouTube channel and here to subscribe. Even though I did vlog each day, I always forget to record and I take lots of pictures instead, so I thought I would briefly write and share some pictures of each day too :)

Each morning at 9am I have been posting the daily blog posts but if you've missed any here are the links.

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Overall, I had a great time and the only BIG thing I felt I missed was the Picasso museum but either way I'm happy with how much I accomplished. 

Life Update!  To end on some positive news, I got online as soon as I walked through the door and after briefly updating my mum, I logged online to my ucl email account to find out my results....and I found out I passed my Y1 Medical School exams! :)