Sexuality By Choice(?!), Rants and Tom Daley!

This morning I woke up at 6am...thanks to my mother making a racket. I looked at Instagram and there I found a post by the Seewald family. If anyone knows '19 kids and Counting', Jessa Duggar recently married Ben Seewald and it is his family's Instagram. They also have there own blog page and so this morning, a picture included the link to the blog page. I don't normally follow links from Instagram and definitely not at that early hour in the morning, but as I scrolled through, the comments section was a very heated argument with lots of interest.

Read their views, specifically Michael's here:
View the Seewald's family Instagram here:

Having not been religious at all and considering myself an atheist, I found this post very difficult to read and digest, simply due to the archaic language and bible infused paragraphs, but the gist can be grasped.

The majority of religious people in public, being politically correct, say that 'God loves everyone and therefore so do they' even if they don't believe they are living life the way God intended. However, having spoken to religious people out of the social eye of the media and simply discussing it with friends, it is easy to see that they do not truly believe this.

i was shocked by how outspoken some people are when they don't think anyone is listening; the faces they make when they don't think anyone is watching.

Is gay a choice?
No matter what your religious beliefs, throughout life, you make decisions that influence the rest of your life. God may influence or guide you (if that is what you belief), fate may influence or guide...but ultimately, you are responsible for the decisions you make in life.

From this side of the argument, I agree fundamentally with the Seewald's. They put the point across much more eloquently: '“I was born that way” mentality is that it is used as an excuse to justify sinful behavior. Someone may have been born with a predisposition towards violence and have a short temper yet that is no excuse for beating his wife.'

Good point, right?!

I find it difficult to read arguments about sensitive topics but I have learnt that in my future, I will have to address subjects, such as these, so I thought I would through myself in at the deep end!

I don't think anyone should judge anyone on how they choose to live their own lives. I think everyone should have equal rights. As long as they have done no crime, which being gay is not, they should be allowed freedom. I find it odd, how even in the UK, gays are more abused then murderers. That I will never understand and I can only hope for better.

Tom Daley
Many celebrities are scared and worried about 'coming out' to the public. They think it will ruin their reputation, they are ashamed and/or they think people will judge them.

If anything, it is the opposite. When Tom Daley cam out, I think, yes, a few people may have opposed, but all in all, people respected him. He had the courage to be honest with his fans and he also did it through his own personal YouTube channel so he could control exactly what was said.

One aspect I did think was appalling was the - little but significant - abuse he got from the few. One commenter, said he should be ashamed and his father would not be proud. Similarly, to the 'failed Bronze medal' at the London 2012 Olympics. Fathers will always be proud no matter what. If someone loves you to the core, as e.g. a parent, very little will be able to counteract that path.

One of the comments, on the Instagram post, that really stood out to me. One girl (remaining nameless as she wishes because she deleted her comments) told that she was gay but also grew up as a devout Christian. I loved the way she viewed the world: I will respect everyone who respects my life choice.