New Year's Eve Decoration Tutorial

Looking on Pinterest, I found so many cute and easy crafts. Quick, easy and cheap.

All you need for all these crafts are:
- Card
- PVA glue
- Ribbon
- Glitter or Paint or Both!

I got all of this at 'The Works' for less than £6, except for the ribbon. I had some ribbon laying around the house from an old birthday present so I just used that.

You also need:
- Newspaper
- Scissors
- Hole puncher

Most people have these lying around the house already so easy!

'Happy New Year' Banner:
I found the template for this at 'The Idea Room'.
I didn't have any clothes pegs or string, and i thought it would be easier with ribbon so here is my version:
Very simple.
The template can be found online. I used 3 different coloured pieces of card to print on. Then use the hole puncher to punch a hole in each corner. Finally, thread the ribbon, in and out of the letters and it is that simple! I found it easier to cut the ribbon up for each word but you can obviously but them all on the same piece or 2 on one ect. I also thought it looked better to have the colours all jumbled. Even though the letters are printed in order, hence the first 3 on one piece of card, next 3 on another ect. it worked out that I could swap some of the same letters, but in different colours.

Glitter numbers:
Get a piece of card and then write the numbers out on the card in either the glue or a pen and then go over in glue. Then sprinkle glitter on to them. Tip: do this on newspaper and then you can fold the newspaper in half and put the glitter back into the tube.

Table decorations:
These are simple circles just cut out on card. If I had found them sooner I would have laminated them. They make perfect coasters!

Photobooth Props:
Finally here are some cute photobooths. Look on pinterest and there are loads, or look on 'The Idea Room' again.

Funny faces!
I loved these glasses :)

Again, found online, I thought these were perfect to write the new years resolutions on the back in order to remember them.

Hope you enjoy these for next year!
If anyone wants to templates or downloads I have them all. So leave your email address and I can send you them.