What does sex mean to you?

So a friend text me today and asked me: What does sex mean to you? She is doing a research project for university on the topic and it made me think.

Straight away my answer was: love.

But the longer I thought, the more I wondered what other people would say.

What does sex mean to you? I know over the years it has changed dramatically. It is no longer - to most people - just for the confinement of marriage and most people have many sexual partners. It is a matter of personal opinion. I have nothing against people who have sex with multiple people or those who wait for marriage. I don't plan on doing either: waiting until marriage or many people. I am simply waiting for love. If I find love once or multiple times I shall wait and see. So many people regret their first time, even their first serious relationships being rushed and not thought out. I don't want that.

To me sex isn't just the process of intercourse; it's about the emotional ties to each other, yourself with the person you are in love with, and want to spend the rest of your life with. It is about being confident enough to do the most intimate act with someone. I want that someone to be a person that I care about and someone who cares about me in return. I don't want to be nervous, scared or afraid of judgement. When you have no worries or concerns, I think that is when you know you are ready.

Is making love different to sex? Is the act different or is it just with the involvement of less emotion?