Tuesday Tip: 9 Step White Highlight on Blogger Removal

I don't know if you've noticed but on some of my blog posts, some of the words come up highlighted in white. It was so annoying because I didn't put it in there, it just came up when the post was published. For anyone who also uses Blogger to write posts you might have also experienced it. I learnt today that it is a glitch with the software and they are suppose to be fixing it soon!

In the meantime, the only way I could work out how to get rid of it was to type the entire thing out again because copying would just leave it in. So here's what I learnt today: a quick-er way to get rid of it. It's still not the best but if your posts are fairly short it works.

1. Open the blog post to edit it.
2. Look in the top left.
3. Click on the HTML, rather than the compose tab.
4. Click 'Ctrl' and 'F' buttons and a little box should come up in the top right.
5. Type in 'white'.
6. This will then highlight all the words that are 'white'.
7. Then go through them all, highlighting where the word 'white' appears after 'background color'.
8. Delete only the word 'white'.
9. Done!
A sneak peak of tomorrow's post! Shush...

Thank you. Hope everyone finds this useful :)