Week Long Curls + Tool Comparison!

There are so many 'How to curl' videos and posts out there that I thought I would do something just a little different. Instead of recording a step-by-step instruction to follow I thought I would share some top tips on how I get my curls and then how I style it to last a full week! I'm still amazed that it lasts that long but it does!

To start with, this is my natural, air dried hair. It is very thick and almost completely straight with a natural parting just off centre. I do like it straight but it also bores me after a while so I like to mix it up.

I use my TRESemme Volume Curl Wand to get the curls I like following a few simple steps:
  • Heat protect all over. I use VO5 Heat Protect. 
  • I make a parting wear I want it (for the next week!) and then brush it out to make sure there are no knots.
  • As my hair is quite thick, I split it into four layers. The first split just above my ears, the second in line with the end of my eyebrow and the third line just above the eyebrow apex so you have a halo left at the top. 
  • I secure the hair not in use with a scrunchie into a high and tight bun. 
  • Even though I have already sprayed heat protectant, I re-spray it on each layer as I drop.
  • I then take 1/2 inch pieces and wrap them around the barrel, with the wand facing downwards, away from the face on either side, meeting at the back in the middle. 
  • Each time holding for 20 seconds but that depends on you hair (trial yours first and be careful not to burn your own hair!).
  • Then let the curl fall into your hand and hold it so that it doesn't fall. Hold it until it cool down a little, around 20 to 30 seconds. This means that the curl will last longer and be tighter. 
  • Repeat for the whole layer. 
  • At each layer spray with a light hairspray. I use VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray.
  • Repeat for the next 2 layers. 
  • On the last layer alternate between curling towards and away from your face. Make sure the ones closet your face go away but then switch to prevent the curls from clumping and make it look more natural.
  • At the end let it rest for a good hour before you start messing. My hair tends to drop considerably in the first hour. Then start shaking them out from the root and then hair spray one last time. 

Day 1
To sleep I wear a stretchy head band and then tie my hair in a loose scrunchie into a half pony tail, so that it folds back on itself. 

For the second day, I often redo a couple of curls that have dropped out. On Day 2 I redid one piece, that annoyingly straight piece that is really obvious in the picture at the back. This is my favourite day of the curls because they are still defined and tight but much looser. 
Day 2
On the third day, I usually redo the front pieces but I didn't this time as I was only around the house. 
Day 3
The fourth, fifth and sixth day give loose, beachy waves. Which my oldest sister actually prefers.

I completely forgot to take a picture on Day 5 so I am deeply sorry. But from the two days either side you can kind of see that the hair would be in the middle of the two. I had a migraine and so instead just had a pj day, lounging around in bed watching movies in the dark and very quietly. 
Day 6
The last day is kind of only useful for hanging around the house. As I don't touch my hair, my hair doesn't really get greasy when I wear it curling but the curls start to fall flat. It's great for just a chill day that you may see a few people or you could wear it in a ponytail to make it a little more voluminous. 
Day 7
So overall, I tend to start my hair very curly and then it slowly drops into beach waves before having a just a slight wave.I know a lot of people don't like curly curly hair so just don't hold it while it cools to allow it to drop more or don't hold it around the curler for as long. If you want even curlier hair than mine, twist the hair pieces before wrapping it around the wand and/or use smaller sections. 

It's taken me a long time to get my hair curling routine right and to something that suits me. Even though it takes a while - almost an hour - it's defintely worth it because it lasts so long. Just remember, it takes a lot of time and practice. I remember watching youtube tutorial after tutorial and thinking it looks so easy but I could never do it and now I am so happy that I finally can do it!

In the past I used to use a curling iron that has the separators to wrap around the hair but because the spaces were so small and it didn't get quite as hot, it took a long time to curl my hair. I tried curling with straighteners but I've never been able to get the hang of it, but my hairdresser and sister both use them. I also have used the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl which I did like at the time but I now regret because they are ridiculously expensive for what they do. 
Christmas 2014