My First Bow, Rhubarb Ball and Farm Life!

I finally got my new bow and I travelled back to the farm for the annual Rhubarb Ball and a farm walk before heading back to Nottingham. 

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The last few weeks of university have been a bit of a mismatch. It's been busy with the debate, finishing the last few theory bits of the debate module and also filling the days with clinical skills. It's been go, go, go, but also it's strangely been filled with online work which feels somewhat like down time. 
The module lead for this first module of the year is amazing and she really tries her hardest to make the lectures fun. We had a game of bingo with advantages and disadvantages of techniques and then used smarties for talking about sampling.
My highlight of the last week has got to be getting my new bow. I drove back to the farm on Monday night and then back to Nottingham half an hour later. It was all a bit hectic in the end but I am utterly and completely in love with it. It's made me so happy and the first time I shot it, I beat my personal best by a mile and ended up getting a 3x10 end which is amazing for me. Yey!

I ended up having a few meetings on university campus on my day off so decided to head over to the lake and have a walk around in the sun. I actually wasn't feeling my best but nevertheless, it was nice to have some fresh air and enjoy the views. Plus, it was a gorgeous day.

At the weekend, I headed back to the farm. Three times back and forth in 8 days is a lot of driving but it's worth it. This time, it was for the annual Rhubarb Ball and everything went surprisingly smoothly. I ended up taking over the stewarding duties from the beginning and it was defintely worth it. I hate having someone do it with me, in a completely different, unrealistic method. It just confuses the whole situation and makes everything ten times more stressful.
Sometimes judging can take a long time and others, it's fairly quick. This year it went smoothly which was nice and with just two judges, we were finished by about half 3.
My mum is seriously the cutest.
As usual, we had to do a little bit of moving around in the ball room as well, but other than that everything seemed to go well. We even got a free lunch brought to us in the judging room to eat while working. After finishing all the certificates and getting everything in order, I headed up to my ready. I washed my hair and then chilled for a little while, talking to friends, before getting ready for the night.
I didn't take any pictures until the end of the night so the lighting, the hair and the makeup was a bit of the mess but at least I remembered eventually. I ended up leaving my camera at university which is one of the reasons I didn't even think about it.
I am in love with this dress. I wore it to my oldest sister's wedding 5 years ago and haven't worn it since because I'm actually really self-conscious of my body. Recently, I've been getting more and more comfortable and I think it's really starting to show which is nice. I ended up getting lots of compliments, which of course made me even more confident so it was really nice!
Next year is the 100th Annual Rhubarb Ball and it's set to be the biggest and best. I'm trying to convince everyone to go for a 1920s theme which I think will be amazing and then have a band as well. Only time will tell....