The Challenge: Two Alphas, One Girl by Joanne J (Review) + "Reading Apps"

Another week, another app for reading, this time one called Dreame and it was more of an audiobook, although started as a video as well. I actually much preferred this app, but defintely undownloaded it very quickly once I finished the book. Once again, it releases chapters one by one, but with this app you can do tasks to gain coins to release them sooner so it doesn't take quite as long, and therefore I read it in just a couple of weeks. 

"Friday is born a she-wolf but her eighteenth birthday passes without her phasing, officially making her wolf-less. The Alpha of the Marigold Wolf Pack, Maze, is her fated mate but he rejects her for being a wolf-less she-wolf. The Pack treats her like the scum of the earth. She is not even allowed to attend the Peace Treaty Celebration where the Alpha of the Berryndale Pack, a more powerful Aly, visits. In a twist of fate, visiting Alpha Thaddeus lays his eyes on her and realises she is his mate. Friday has been given a second chance mate after being rejected! She fears being rejected again but Alpha Thaddeus is lovesick and ready to make her his Luna, wolf-less or not. The only problem is Alpha Maze realises he doesn’t want to let her go. The Alphas enter into the Challenge: they have 30 days to win her heart. Friday must make the final decision. Will she forgive Maze or forge a new destiny with Thaddeus?"

The premise of the story is really exciting and intriguing, however from there it gets quite unusual with unexpected threesomes and very repetitive sex scenes. Despite that, I really enjoyed it and found myself addicted to finishing the book so I could find the ending. 

There's lots of courting and romancing initially, as well as exploring the complex lives of werewolves. This then moves onto the sexual relations, before introducing complex family dramas and the world of vampires. It's really exciting and enjoyable! 

My favourite part is the epilogue at the end which explores the lives of the key characters a year later, and it's a room full of babies which is so much fun. Of course, it does leave wonder by the audience as there are a lot of unknown and possibilities with two alphas running two separate packs. 

Overall, this book will not be for everyone, and in fact I think it will be for very few, but I fell in love with the characters and found myself relating to them in different aspects.