I love making memories and while I still take lots of photos to remember fun activities, I do love YouTube and I so relatively recently - over the past year - I've been really trying to record more.

My channel, like this vlog and most of my social media's, is 'hansla1000'. Here are the links to some of the videos I have out. I will try to remember to update this page constantly but my current schedule is weekly vlogs every Monday and flashback Friday videos, obviously, every Friday.

My proudest video, up-to-now, is currently my Sprinkle of Glitter - Collection and Lookbook! video. It's not my favourite video because I like the vlogs that record memories and family moments, but it took me so long to record, edit and get it just right. I did everything from scratch by myself and cutting down all the clips and making it flow together just right was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

I've just finished the process of updating my thumbnails because up until now I've just used the YouTube generated one which I've quickly learnt isn't the best thing to do...apparently. I'm proud how most of them turned out but unfortunately, some of them didn't quite work out because I didn't have enough images. I used photographs taken of the day, resized on PicMonkey and then added text plus some more fun stamps. I got a little creative and added overlays which look really good in some of them so let me know what you think!

I've tried to split up the videos into different sections so that they are easier to find. Happy watching!

Daily Vlogs!

Holiday Vlogs!


Flashback Friday's! 

Home Movies!

To see all my YouTube videos in one place, head over to my YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe!