OPI Haul

On Boxing Day, I ended up spending most of my Christmas money on OPI nail varnishes.
2 years ago for Christmas, my sister got me a gorgeous sparkly blue set and ever since I have been completely in love with the brand. 
When I went to Portugal in the summer I bought a mini set of 'Party' varnishes and again I loved them all. 
So this year on my Christmas list was a selection of new colours. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any so I treated myself instead. 
Today, I spent the morning doing swatches but I only remembered to take pictures of a third of them...idiot I know! :') 
Here is a haul of the new colours I have purchased.

Kiss Me - Or Elf Kiss Me – or Elf!
A gorgeous purple-red

Rollin in Cashmere Rollin’ in Cashmere
The prettiest full coverage gold

Unfrost My Heart Unfrost My Heart

Oh my...this is my favourite colour! It is such a nice and dark silver with flecks of sparkle. Don't judge it by my picture! I smudged it while it was drying :(

Red Fingers and Mistletoe 
A gorgeous metallic red, perfect for the winter!

AmazON, AmazOFF 
I wanted a colour that will go with every outfit and this is stunning!

You're So Vain-illa 
I love when people have a nude colour on their lips and this was just what I was looking for.

Blush Hour Blush Hour
I love the sparkle in this but it is quite clear. For it to look really nice I would think it would need a lot of time to pack on the sparkles and would need at least 4 coats - this currently has 2. In the future I think I will wear it over another colour.

Got A Date To-Knight! Got A Date To-knight!
My current favourite everyday nail varnish. I have worn this for the last week.

That is what I love about OPI nail varnishes. They last a really long time with a great finish and you don't have to be great to do them because they coat well.

When I was buying them, I also bought a gorgeous purple case to keep them all in. It was in the sale so I had to! Right? 
It hold 25 nail varnishes in the top layer and then I keep my nail files, nail varnish remover, nail clippers, cuticle cutters and all the other nail essentials in the drawer underneath.

Purple Nail Tech Case

Credit to OPI for the more advanced photographs :')