Virginity or Maternity Prom Dresses 什

I was looking through Dorothy Perkins looking for a dress for a ball I have coming up and came across Maternity Prom Dresses? Really?! I was shocked.

Yes. There may be a market nowadays, what with all the teenagers getting pregnant young, but I'm not sure if the mass market should support this. I feel like having dresses specifically tailored for teen pregnancy makes it seem normal and okay.

Most teenage pregnancies are accidents and unwanted. Very few are planned and reasonably thought out. I think, my year at high school had one of the highest teenage pregnancies in the entire history of the school. I had a number of people I knew, get pregnant before the end of Year 11. A number of whom are now on baby number 2. I think the total of babies from my year at high school has now reached well over 10.

That's 10 newborns with teenage mothers. 10 babies that are living off there grandparents or of the government welfare. 10 children who will likely grow up without fathers. 10 kids who will basically but out in town with their parents.

It's not just the babies that are limited. The teenagers are too. They are still kids. They are 18 years old. They should be out having fun, clubbing, partying. These are the years to be free not worrying about where the money to buy nappies is going to come from.

Don't get me wrong. I think teenagers can be great mums. I know people that are and they love having their children. They would say that they wouldn't change their child for the world. And yes I am sure this is true.

If I got pregnant right now, I have no idea how I would manage, where the money would come from or how I would cope with university. Simply, I would have to drop out. But I would keep my baby; I would smother him/her in love and cuddles and kisses and be completely besotted. I can't wait to be a mum...but right now? I'm not ready. I wouldn't want or wish that on myself or my child. I want to wait until I have a secure job, with a secure income and preferably in a secure relationship. I want to raise my child right. Who knows if it will fall that why but that's the desire.

I'm a virgin. And I'm confident enough to admit that. To the modern world, I feel like an 18 year old shouldn't have to say it like it's a guilty submission. It's no secret and I'm proud. To the majority of teenagers? They are the opposite, proud of not being a virgin.

16 is the legal age to loose your virginity. The average age in the UK is (apparently) currently 16 for boys and 17 for girls. So does that mean people are getting pregnant on there first time? Who knows. I doubt it and I think the statistics are wrongly judged. Unless I lived in the absolute worst area in the UK, I would say the majority of people lost it around 14. That's basically a child.

Sorry. As usual I have gone off on a rant. What do you think about maternity prom dresses?

Is this really what the UK has turned in to. Good for companies seeing a gap in the market-  I guess - but I think money would be better spent educating people and providing sexual education than glamouring the choice to have a baby at 16, the year of prom.