Babysitting and Crafting with a 4 year old! / DITL!

Last weekend, I headed to see my sister and stayed for the weekend. My sister and her husband were coming to London for a trip while I stayed and babysat my gorgeous niece Bop and the little - much bigger - puppy, Tess. 
I attempted my first ever Day in the Life so go ahead and watch here or below!
I usually take so, so many pictures and I love it but I barely got any because I was recording. I guess I can't have both so I'm going to have to pick which one. I literally took no pictures of crafting even though that was the majority of the day. Oops!
We painted some cute little dinosaurs, made some plates, some valentine's day cards and lots of hand prints. We also played, loved, hugged, watched TV and messed with some playdough!

I did take both Bop and Tess to the park which was oh so cute but we had to bring Tess back halfway through because she was freaking out. I actually feel really bad now because I should have just let her run and chase the ball but I didn't know if she would come back or how she would be with other dogs so I decided to play it safe. Bop and I did end up coming back so that was sweet to spend one-on-one time with her.

 It got dark so fast so we ended up getting to see the beautiful sunset.
I can't get over how long her hair has gotten!
 Oh I love her!
 On Sunday, I didn't record and snap any memories expect these two. I loved seeing Bop get her own food. It was too cute! Then I had to get the train back to London for university the next day.