Dorothy Perkins Haul!

I made a few quick purchases on Dorothy Perkins just before Christmas and I'm excited to share my current favourite wardrobe additions!

I actually bought over £600 worth of stuff but I didn't fall in love with very much so I ended up buying 6 items, 3 different ones and then each in 2 different colours.

 I love these Batwing tops and then are literally my new favourites. I'm been wearing them constantly. They are so easy to wear and give the best figure as it's loose around the stomach yet still fitting. I love both the cobalt and purple one for £22 each.
 My flatmate got one of these scarves and I've been obsessed ever since. I've literally worn these every day and I love them. They are so soft and comfy but also warm and cosy. Plus I love all the colours! Blue Tweed Boucle Scarf and Yellow, each for £15.
Finally I got two new pairs of boots. I didn't actually realise these were the same pair until I bought them in person but they are. I've needed a new pair of brown and black boots for ages and these are just perfect. They're easy to wear, fit perfectly and are super comfy. The Tan and Black 'Maddy' Fur Lined Ankle boots are each £35.