Shrek's Adventure and Sea Life London!

Last weekend, with Spectrum, my volunteering partner and I took our child to the River Thames and headed to Shrek's Adventure and Sea Life London. Click here to watch the vlog or see below.
I woke up relatively early because I wanted to have a productive day. I started doing some work before getting ready. I just love my purple top because it makes me feel so comfortable. I'm definitely glad I made the purchase back in December.

When we picked him up, we took the tube and headed to the River. I really do love London because it is so beautiful and there is so much to do.

When we got to Shrek's Adventure, despite the rush, we went in smoothly and headed inside. I had thought that once inside, it was be a fun and relaxed atmosphere but there was queue after queue and everything was really secretive and private. You couldn't really take pictures are record anywhere, bar the very last part so we defintely made the most of all the characters which was fun.
Luckily, Shrek was there and they also had a mini dance party, celebrating half term with The Trolls.

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Once we left, next up on the agenda was Sea Life London which is the big Aquarium. After visiting Paris myself in the summer, I was super excited to Adventure to the UK equivalent in London. Straight to the point, I was disappointed. While I loved looking at all the variety, it was defintely overpriced and completely overcrowded with poor organisation.

How crazy was this shark swimming over my head!?
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When we got outside, the sun was setting behind the Houses of Parliament and it was beautiful. We stopped to take some pictures and admire the view which really rounded the day off nicely.

Finally, after walking around and being in our feet, we were well and truly ready to sit down and eat something. We grabbed some free Subway cookies before deciding on Pizza Express and making our way home.

Walking through the trees leading up to the London Eye is always crazy busy but today it was crazy! It was totally packed and the queue went the whole way down and further on the way in so I was glad it was much more peaceful afterwards.