Z's 21st Surprise Party and Helium Balloons!

Last week it was my flatmate Zhangqi's birthday and so we celebrated and partied and we still have more to do this week! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below! 

My flatmate, Sophie, and I threw our other flatmate a surprise 21st birthday party! We got her out of the flat to decorate and then surprised her before giving her the main gift - a theatre ticket! 
While she got ready, I snuck off to the restaurant, Ay Caramba, to decorate and welcome 18 guests to surprise her! I put out some confetti, balloons, party hats, bubbles and some photo booth props. She was so shocked when she arrived and I loved it. Of course, I missed recording it :(
The food was so good but I couldn't finish it all! I was so so so full. Having not eaten since half 11 in the morning, I was starving and my eyes were defintely bigger than my belly could handle.
Afterwards, we went to Be at One just down the road. I've never been there before and it was actually really nice and relaxed. We had the cake (two Colin the Caterpillar cakes!) and sang happy birthday.
 Most people then left pretty quickly so it was just the flatmates and Jess (Joe's girlfriend) which was a bit of a shame but still fun. We got lots of great pictures to treasure forever.
 The photo booth props were definitely a good call from Sophie! They were so much fun before Joe spilt a drink all over them!

I don't drink alcohol but apparently the cocktails were actually really expensive at nearly £9 per drink so we then headed off to a few different places and hopped between them before finding our way into a pub.

Unfortunately, I did leave at 1pm because I was exhausted after being up since half past 5, plus I had a 7am start the next day. When I got back I got into my PJs and ready for bed and then everyone else got back so we began continuing the celebrations at home with opening the presents and helium balloons! Soph and Z decided were funny singing songs in their high pitched voices!
It was a great night and such a fun way to celebrate Z's birthday. I am so happy that Becky brought her polaroid. I love Polaroid camera's and the only thing that has put me off getting one is how expensive the prints are.
I really will treasure the one with me in forever though. I rarely get pictures of myself in candid situations but this photo is possibly one of my favourite pictures ever. It such a perfect capture of me with the people I love, doing the thing I love - photography and vlogging! Thank you Becky!