Late Snow in March and Redecorating!

We've had so much snow this March and it's crazy! I also headed home and was surprised with a house makeover. 

Click here to see the vlog or watch below. 

One of my 'honourary' flatmates brought a bunch of her board games from home and crazily, we've all been addicted to scrabble. I love how the boards look at the end and we ended up using all the letters on our second game. I'm absolutely terrible. I need to learn not to go with the first three letter word I come up with. LOL!
I still can't wait believe how much snow we've had over the past couple of weeks. I hate snow but my flatmates, especially Sam, were super excited.
Having now done half of my placement, it feels so nice to wear normal clothes at the weekend and of course, a nice bold lip. It's crazy how much I've missed the darker colours and I'm so happy to take advantage of them in my downtime.
I also braved the washing machines for the first time. I've been heading home every couple of weeks so it's been nice to not have to do any washing of my own. Of course, living in London for 3 years, I'm used to living alone and so I totally know how to do it as I didn't have the luxury of not. I went home on average, once a term so, nowhere near as often. Anyway, it was a disaster. The machines were so expensive and one of them took almost double the length that it should have. Even after that, it didn't drain so I had to put it through the dryer twice and they were still soaking wet. I ended up turning the flat into a rain forest for 3 days while everything dried.
But of course, I also headed home for a little trip. I hung out with my mum and grandma and saw their newly decorated rooms. The lounge and kitchen respectively. The lounge looks so different, it's crazy!
Have you had late snow where you live?