Collaborations to Grow my Blog!

I love working with other like-minded individuals and especially in the blogging world, collaborations are a great opportunity to not only create new friendships but also to grow your blog.
One of the big hurdles to overcome as a blogger is getting your name and link out there. To do that, it's a long process but it can be improved if you get another site to share your link. This increases your Domain Authority (DA) which is a massive step into getting businesses and companies to work with you. Often it's the number they ask for the most as it shows people are reading and sharing your content. As a guideline, if you have a DA of 30 or more, you can usually qualify for most opportunities.

I've found writing on other people's blogs has really helped me drive traffic to my own site. When you guest post on someone's site, they place your links in the article as well so it introduces it to a new audience and increases engagement, as well as your audience. Well placed links are important so try to do a little bit of research before guest posting for anyone. All exposure is good and will increase your readers, but they might not all be as relatable so not all as rewarding it.

I wish I'd kept a track of all the posts I'd written for other people but I haven't so from this point onwards, that is my plan! I hope to keep this post updated with all the posts I have written for other sites so that all my readers can access all my writings.
  • Nadalie to share some advice on how to achieve your goals. I've shared a number of goals posts before but I love how many bloggers have shared their top piece of advice in this post. 
  • Stephanie and Morgan shared my Bloggers Showcase TAG so if you want to find out a little more about my journey, be sure to head over there!
  • Best dog-friendly holidays in the UK is an amazing tool to show you local dog friendly play dates and included my suggestion too! 
I also allow writers, whether they have blogs or not, to guest post on my blog. This means they can write a post on my blog. Usually this is to increase their own website's numbers but it can be a really unique way to write about a topic they are passionate about, but may not really fit their own site. In the past I've done a Thought Thursday series to share often controversial topics that get people thinking. More recently, I've had a handful of ladies write about interesting topics so if you've missed any, be sure to check them out! 
Following on, I also love linking up with people. So after conversing with a blogger and deciding on a topic, we both write about the same topic individually, but then at the end of our posts, we share each other's links to the respective posts. This means that if someone likes or finds the topic interesting, they can read more on the same thing. 

All three of these work great and I absolutely love doing a range. Of course, it's important to do a balance and in my opinion, there also needs to be simple content that is just your own writing and thoughts. 

Ps. If you want to guest post or collab with me, be sure to drop me a quick message and email me.