Lunch Dates, Bowling and Mini Golf!

To celebrate the end of my essay, I celebrated with a lovely lunch out, followed my a week of friends and activities! So much fun!

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As soon as I submitted the essay, I went a little hyper and so Sam and I stayed up chatting until the early hours of Sunday morning. We planned to go and celebrate the next day so I went to bed happy and woke up early, ready for a yummy meal at Zizzi's and then ice skating afterwards. 
 Zizzi's was super yummy. I loved my pizza and we both got the same dessert, a scrumptious, almost sicken-ly sweet decadent brownie to finish.

We had a slight change of plans in the evening. Originally we were going to go ice skating in the afternoon but Sam wanted to be back to welcome the girls home. Everyone decided they wanted to go to the cinema and so I was more than happy. In the end, that fell through as well so we just had a chilled catch up in the kitchen.
A short week at university before all splitting up again, we decided to reschedule celebrations to the Wednesday. Steph, Emelia and i went shopping for the afternoon. I finally got my Clark's Un-Loops for placement and then we headed to Primark and Wetherspoon's for some cheap accessories and food. I actually really enjoyed my lunch and it was perfect to start the night.

When we got back, everyone was making plans for 'curry night' and we booked tickets for the evening showings of our respective films. I went to see Black Panther with all but a couple, who went to see Fifty Shades Freed. It was by far the cheapest cinema ticket ever, at less than £3. Amazingly, the Savoy is super cheap for students anyway but then they also had 2 for 1 codes which we all managed to get, so it was perfect! Having said that, it all almost went terribly after a massive delay meant we almost missed the start. As it happens, just as we walked in, it started!
 For my last weekend before placement, I headed home for the long weekend. As we had Friday off, it worked out really well because it was also the Rhubarb Ball weekend. In the end, Hannah ended up coming back for the weekend as well so instead of my planned pyjama day, I headed to Xscape and we went bowling and to play mini golf. I love doing things with Hannah. We always have such a blast and so much fun catching up on life together.

Surprisingly, and much to Hannah's disappointment, I won both games! Usually I loose so I was very impressed. Despite that, I was still sad i didn't reach my goal to go over 100 but hey ho.

We then had a quick break from activities and went to TGI Friday's for lunch. I love TGIs and honestly, I was craving anything but pizza. After a yummy American style main, we both went for a dessert and Hannah's was huge! She very almost didn't manage to finish it but alas she succeeded.

 Afterwards, we went to play mini golf...or crazy golf depending on what you call it. It was a lot of fun and a very cool set up but it was also very easy. It was actually a little disappointing so instead we had to challenge ourselves to make it harder, such as getting a whole in one, having contact with a specific rock ect. It was a barrel of laughs, especially the last bonus round which was LITERALLY impossible!
Nevertheless, I won again! I had a full day of winning and an absolute blast hanging out with my best friend. I wasn't sure if I'd see her at the Rhubarb Ball so we left it open, but if not, the next planned meet up is summer. So sad!