Major Hair Cut and Annual Rhubarb Ball!

The Annual Rhubarb Ball came round again. The year goes fast, the night even faster but these are the memories I will forever remember. Oh and I also got a major hair cut! What do you think? 

Click here for the vlog or see below. 
So with my new placement about to start I decided to cut my hair. I love my hair so it's always a little hard to see it go but nevertheless, I love my new hair length. It's defintely not the shortest it's been but so far, I love it! What do you think?
The Annual Rhubarb Ball started out terribly. We were so short of tables it was actually ridiculous. I love having these memories to look back on though and having a vlog of 2017's is just amazing!

Considering how many people we had attended this year, it was a shame we didn't get many food entries into the competition. Usually there are a lot more but this year, there were very few. And only one children's entry!
Once I'd finished my job as a steward, I went up to the hotel room. It's always a little stressful with people coming and going and the rush of everything. Plus, having the pressure of getting things right and correct. It was nice to have a little chill time before having to get ready for the ball. I ended up curling my hair and I thought it looked so fun with the shorter curls! I wore my Lipsy dress and paired it with Bombshell LipSense.
Everyone really enjoyed the food and I was pleasantly surprised my the dessert. Yum! Of course, there was rhubarb crumble on the menu thank you...
I love that my friend Sarah comes every year. She's just so fun to be with and I always love to spend time with her. She's a crazy barrel of energy and we've even decided to try and plan a summer holiday together. Yes please!

I had such a packed weekend plan so on Sunday I woke up and got ready fairly early. I was meeting my friend, a fellow SheerSister for lunch and it was so much fun.
It was such a nice sunny day and I was so craving Chiquito's so I really enjoyed myself. I was also really impressed that I drove all the way by myself. It's always fun to be in the car solo. But defintely a little scary as I didn't really know where I was going!
Stay tuned for next week's vlog...there's snow! :)