House Hunting and Designing a Dream Life!

Do you follow me on Pinterest? Just before Christmas, my dad gave me his old phone. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with my phone (except the camera was cracked), but it had 16GB of storage and I literally had to delete photos daily! My dad's phone meant I now have double the storage, plus a non-broken camera. 

Anyway, with the increased storage, I finally redownloaded my old favourite past time and I have been loving getting inspired to adult all over again! 

My boyfriend has been "casually" house hunting for a year and he's in no rush to buy a house but is ready if the right one came up. Well whilst looking somewhat for him, I found my dream first home and I have been dreaming of it ever since. It's just so perfect and dreamy and I can't even tell you how excited I am to have my own house and make it my home. I'm so excited for a little two up, two down first home to live in. It will be the best to have my own space! 

Personally, I love new builds and unfortunately they are a little on the small side so I've been pinning all sorts of storage hacks lately for a minimalist house. I hate clutter and I think growing up with so much space made it easier to keep the stuff. I'm hoping with less stuff, I'll be forced to not keep the rubbish to keep it looking perfect.