The 6Cs of Midwifery Applied to Life

Going through my year review I was reminded of the RCN Congress that Bea and I went to in Liverpool. I had such an amazing time and I learnt so much. One of my favourite aspects which I made some notes on was how the six Cs of Midwifery can apply to life and the important lesson was that by applying them to yourself, you provide better care to women. I can't remember who did the talk so I unfortunately can't give credit, but nevertheless, I wanted to share some of my favourite parts and own thoughts.

Compassion, care, courage, communication, commitment and competence. These 6Cs can be turned to the 6 self-love Cs which will help prevent burnout.

We should look after ourselves, the same way we care for women. This should be compassionately and we should remind ourselves that humans do not fail, therefore there is no shame in doing so as it is another opportunity to learn and grow. Similarly, focus on strengths and improvements, not weaknesses. Self-affirmation is not against modesty; dismiss this idea to allow yourself to value you. Practice speaking kindly to yourself. Charities require support because they lack resources. Think of yourself as a charity, requiring self-love to survive.

Some of my favourite quotes which I now recite relatively regularly are:

  • Success if not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.
  • Never quit on a bad day. 
  • Don't be a moaner, be a move. 
  • Be the change you want to see in the world. 

Some other important mentions from the RCN Congress 2019 that I took away were that we should always view life in the global context. The UK is now a multicultural society with many different populations. We can learn from others including less economically developed countries on how they function. There should always be a globalisation strategy to allow transfer of information and resources of all types, including staff.

Finally, it's important to remain up to date on research. Some interesting recent releases have included a Lancet publication on "Inappropriate Intervention" in 2016 and a Lancet Midwifery Series in 2014 on "Why Midwives Make a Different to Society".